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Businesses & Organizations We Serve

We provide Sign & lighting to all types of businesses and organizations. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Property Mgmt. Companies
  • Hospitals & Medical Facilities
  • Schools and Universities
  • Retail buildings
  • Shopping centers
  • Churches 
  • Neighborhood & Residential Communities

We have helped customers across nearly every industry. We understand what it takes to create professional, legal, and advantageous signage. Here at MRC Signs, we would love to extend this service to your business.

Your company signage is the beckoning light for your business. That is why you want to make the best decision regarding the type of signs you install at your bricks-and-mortar locations. Here at MRC Signs we provide full-service signage from the planning and permitting stage to manufacture and installation. Whether you need LED signs, graphic designs, or signage for your school—we have the signage you are searching for. 

Types of Sign Services Available

Our signage services are comprehensive. We have mastered the steps from design to installation, and offer 24/7 customer service throughout the entire process. This includes tackling all electrical requirements for signage, in-house to save you time and money. 

We also provide an array of lighting options to enhance your signage. Whether you need decorative lighting, security lights, street lights, or LED retrofitting, we are the lighting experts to call.

Another vital aspect of industry signage is graphic design. Without proper graphics, your sign misses the mark on branding for your business. We offer digital graphics, as well as window graphics, floor graphics, and car wrap graphics, as part of your signature signage package. 


Get Signage Tailored to your Needs

We are readily available to help you choose the right signage for your organization. MRC Signs offers expertise in signage based on industry standards and permitting requirements. We also understand what works for various types of sign messaging and designs. Contact us today to get a quote about business signs in Philadelphia or to request more information about signage.