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Signage for Shopping Centers in PA & NJ


As part of a shopping center, your business sees heavy foot traffic. However, if you aren’t careful your potential customers will walk right past your door. The reason? Lack of proper signage for shopping centers in Philadelphia. When you overlook your signage opportunities, you miss the mark on branding and advertising. Fortunately, MRC Signs is ready to assist you. We provide shopping center signs, as well as sign lighting for shopping centers, to help your storefront stand out.

Benefits of Shopping Center Signs

In a shopping center signs are the front-of-the-line form of advertising for your business. When you have a well-lit and positioned LED sign that is easily identified by walk-by and drive-by traffic, then your sign has done its job. According to a customer survey by FedEx, 8 out of 10 customers, 76 percent of those surveyed, stated they entered a store for the first time simply because of its store signage. That is an outstanding increase in foot traffic—all thanks to the use of shopping center signs.

Tips on Store Signage for Shopping Centers

As you decide on store signage for your business some things to consider include:

  • Size, location, and lighting rules according to the landlord of the shopping center
  • Local zoning laws regarding shopping center signs
  • Lettering, color blocking, and graphic imagery
  • Sign placement, i.e., projecting sign, wall sign, freestanding sign, etc.

Each of these aspects will play an important part in the type of signage for shopping centers that works best for your business.

Choosing Signage for Your Store

If you are overwhelmed at the idea of creating your own signage for shopping centers in PA and NJ, we are here to help. At MRC Signs our team of signage experts have installed some of the top signage and lighting for shopping centers in Philly, as well as Essex, Mercer, Passaic, Bergen, and Burlington counties in New Jersey. Contact our office today to get started with your shopping center signs!