Sign Permitting

Whether you are installing retail signage, shopping center signs, outdoor church signs, or signs for a school building, there is one important step in the process. You must consider sign permitting in PA and New Jersey. Getting a sign permit is the very first step you must take before installing any sign of any size. Otherwise you can be faced with hefty fines, or worse, the removal of your new signage. MRC Signs is here to help you sort out the sign permit process.

Local Zoning Laws

During the design phase of your new signage, you will need to check out your local zoning laws for the location of your sign. Zoning laws vary, so start by checking with your city hall regarding their signage regulations. You may also have to handle sign ordinances in certain neighborhoods, especially if you are installing retail signs in a shopping center. If you are in a rented space, contact your landlord stat to find out if they have their own zoning laws. An important aspect to note is that even if you are updating existing signage you will likely need a sign permit.

Paperwork Process

The next part of the process is getting a sign permit application form for any necessary zoning law entities. You will have to get all of the applications completed, submitted, and approved before you proceed. Then keep this paperwork on hand at all times in case another governing entity comes along to question your permits.

Permit for Commercial Lighting

These days it is quite popular to use LED lighting or decorative lights to illuminate a commercial sign in Philadelphia. But did you know that you may need a permit for lighting for your sign? Make sure to ask about this when completing a sign permit application form so you aren’t left in the dark.

Contact Us for PA and NJ Sign Permitting

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