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LED Lights Are the Future of the Global Industrial and Commercial Market

We at MRC Signs are experts in the commercial lighting market. We work with small business all the way up to large ones. We will provide your business with the creativity and excellence of a global market key player, but with the dedication and concentration to detail of a small business. We want to provide our clients with brand presence and keep our clients’ customers constantly coming back for more.    

MRC Signs completely create and customize your lighting from scratch, so that it fits perfectly with your brand’s image. We specialize in parking lot lights, exterior building lights, decorative lights, street lights, security lights, interior installs and retrofits and of course light emitting diode (LED) conversions and installs. If you are interested in a exceptional sign company in Philly, look no further than us at MRC Signs.

Many Uses of LEDs

Incandescent light sources are being replaced by light emitting diodes (LEDs). LEDs are considered to be a semiconductor light source. They have a longer life than incandescents, require less power, and are smaller in size. What they lack in size, they make up for in performance. LEDs have a high reliability and high brightness levels as well.  

LEDs are being used in many applications including: Camera flashes, traffic signals, headlights and even aviation lighting. For example, the global commercial airport lighting market is expected to grow up to eight percent or more between 2016 and 2021. This growth is due to an increase in air passenger traffic, investments in modernizing and upgrading airports, and a demand to increase aircraft and passenger safety. Airports will use the LED lights to provide illumination for the runways, taxiways and terminal lights. Aviation is just one of the many industries that are transitioning to widespread use of LED lighting.

Some of the key players in the global LED lighting market are Digital Lumens, Inc., Cree Inc., Philips Electronics, GE Lightings, and Toshiba Corp. If you are looking for the same experience and quality as one of the key players on a more local scale, look no further than MRC Signs.

Providing Excellent Customer Service

We at MRC Signs use LED lighting in our outdoor signs and banners as well as indoor lighting. When creating and installing our LED lighting, we strive to provide our clients with quality, dependability, and affordability by providing excellent customer service to everyone that we serve in Philadelphia, Montgomery and Bucks County, PA. We make sure that all projects are completed on schedule and efficiently.  If you are looking for an extraordinary lighting company in Bucks County, PA, check out our website. At MRC Signs, we are dedicated to helping you understand every inch of your customized project.  

You can contact us on our website or call 888-387-3969. While on our homepage, be sure to check out our many client reviews. Also, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to find out more about some of our other specializations.