Why LED Signs are a Bright Idea for Your Business

  1. Try to guess what that number represents. We’ll wait for a minute while you think.


OK. Do you give up yet?


6250 days, or about 17 years, is how long a typical LED light will last. And while the lifespans of LEDs blow their incandescent, neon and other counterparts clear out of the water, they’re also beneficial for a number of other reasons.


We supply LED signs to many Philadelphia area businesses. Here’s what our clients like about them:


They don’t dim

When incandescent or fluorescent lights dim, it’s because their bulbs are filled with gasses that are prone to leaking after a period of wear and tear. Those leaks are what cause a reduction in brightness. LED bulbs don’t contain gas, and therefore, they don’t dim!


They save power

And by saving you power, they’re saving you money, and you’re also saving the environment. While a typical neon light uses about 20 watts of power per foot, an LED will only use a little over 1 watt. Let’s put those numbers to work.


Say you need to run 100 feet of light. LEDs will cost about 120 watts of power. If you crunch the same numbers against neon, you’ll be in for 2000 watts of power. If you light your sign for 10 hours per day, 365 days a year, that will add up to 438 annual kilowatt hours for the LED, and 7300 kilowatt hours for the neon. At a cost of $.012/kilowatt hour (which is the national average), your annual spend will be:

  • $876 for the neon sign
  • $53 for the LED sign

That’s a 94% price difference.


LEDs are unrestrictive

In other words, the ways in which they can be used are virtually limitless. Between color and movement options, what your sign can depict is only restricted by how creative you are. Your options are limitless with LEDs.


Change your message and make it move

You can update what your message says, and make it physically move or scroll with an LED sign. With a neon sign, the message is what it is. If you need to adjust what your LED says, you can do so. You can also display real-time information, such as the time or temperature. Changing your LED sign’s message is easy because you’ll make that happen via computer software.


With an LED sign, your message will shine brighter against the signs of your competitors, and for cheaper and longer. So, do you need an LED sign for your Bucks County, PA business? Get in touch today and we’ll make one for you!