Digital Signage: Things to Consider

Digitally displayed signs such as LEDs are all the rage these days because they’re versatile, changeable, affordable and allow for nighttime viewing (at a much cheaper price than neon).


For one, LED bulbs last for a long time. And by the nature of how they operate, will never dim in their lifespans. They also save power, which translates to saving money. Arguably the best aspect of digital signs is their restrictiveness and ability to make moving messages. With digital signs, the options are limitless!


Thus, many businesses in Greater Philadelphia in need of a sign company’s services ask us about going digital. While there are certainly many advantages to doing so, there are also some important factors to consider:


Placement Matters

This may sound obvious, but where you put the sign matters. Before you purchase a sign, audit your property and determine the best placement location—somewhere a lot of eyes will easily see it. Follow these steps to best placement practices to optimize on where you put the thing:

  • Accessibility is key
  • High traffic areas = great places for your sign
  • For non-digital signs, make sure to install lights that shine on it at night
  • Make sure it’s visible from all optimal angles

As far as the last tip goes, it’ll be smart for you to pick a seemingly desirable spot, then walk toward that spot from all sensible points to make sure it can be easily seen from all surrounding areas.


Check the Laws

Much like with traditional signs and advertisements, there’ll be zoning guidelines to follow. Depending on where your business is located, those laws could be strict, lax or somewhere in between. Make sure to learn the laws before you install the sign to ensure that you’re not violating any local codes or ordinances. Remember to confer with your town or city’s zoning office, and if you’re leasing a property, consult with your landlord, too!


Good Design Wins Every Time

We can’t stress this part enough. If you’re going to spend the money manufacturing and installing a sign, the whole idea will be pointless if the message on it isn’t conveyed well. Make sure the sign reduces clutter, features legible fonts and doesn’t involve clashing colors to ensure a strong design.


As long as you consider these things, you’ll be more than prepared when it comes time to call your trusty sign company in Bucks County to help you manufacture the final product. Go ahead, get out there, find the perfect spot and give us a call! We look forward to hearing from you.