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How to Improve Your Business’ Lighting

Keeping your outdoor lighting up-do-date is important for many reasons. First and foremost, there are safety hazards that come with poorly-lit spaces that you certainly don’t want associated with your building or business! Secondly, poor lighting can give a business an unwelcoming or even dangerous aura, which can even go so far as to scare off customers – or simply make them wonder if you’re open after sunset. Along with building signs in Bucks County, MRC Signs will install lighting that’s code-compliant, effective and works wonders when it comes to, well, casting your business in the best light. Read on for a few tips that can help you improve your business’s lighting, as well as what to look for when you’re having it installed.

Look into spotlighting, silhouetting or shadowing.

If your building has particularly cool features – a statue out front, a giant logo on the side of your building or interesting architectural features – lighting to highlight these features can have a warm and positive effect on the away your business is seen by passers-by. Spotlighting can help make your logo even more pronounced for nighttime drivers, helping them to remember your location later on; silhouetting can highlight a particular feature in shadow, which gives interest and complexity to your business’s façade. This can provide excellent “mood” lighting for venues, restaurants, bars and other locations who wish to give off a creative, regal glow.

Get a Sign Light.

You’ve used resources on a beautiful, custom-designed sign to welcome visitors to your business; why hide it in cover of darkness up to 15 hours a day? Especially if you’re a business that’s open late at night, a flood light (which is ideal for spanning wide objects) keeps visitors aware that you’re open and helps them navigate to your location with greater ease.

Light for safety and visibility

While it may be tempting to install soft, subtle lighting near your building, sometimes “harsher,” brighter lights are actually more encouraging to passerby who are debating whether a business is open. Bright lights also increase exposure, helping make an area less crime-prone, and you won’t have to worry about accidents that occur due to dim lighting and tripping hazards.

Always go green when installing new lighting.

If you’ve already decided to redo your business’s outdoor lighting, make sure to find a contractor who will work with you to set up the greenest options possible. Besides the environmental benefits, eco-friendly and efficient lighting solutions will help you save money on energy bills, and may even make you eligible for certain tax breaks. The steps you could take can range from installing super-efficient LED lighting to timers designed to make the most use of daylight, to full-on solar panels.