Signs Build Your Brand


It’s pretty universally accepted that having a recognizable, reliable and engaging brand should be a top priority for all business-owners. That’s because when a consumer needs or thinks of a product or service, the most memorable brand will come to mind first. After that, it’s a matter of whether the consumer’s idea of that brand is one of reliability and, increasingly, having shared values. Having a recognizable brand to take pride in can also motivate the employees to have something concrete to work towards.

Now, building a great brand isn’t an exact science, nor is it easy. But what we do know is that logos and signs are an extremely important part of the brand for all businesses and companies, regardless of size. Here’s a little introduction to why:

The Sign Matters

We at MRC Signs are firm believers in the miracles of signs, but we also know not everyone realizes just what a well-designed sign can do for your brand and business. That’s why, this month, we present a few examples of the most iconic signs in the world for inspiration. Enjoy!

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign


You haven’t really been to Vegas unless you’ve posed with this sign (preferably accompanied by Elvis), which has been welcoming visitors to the city since 1959. It’s become the embodiment of the word ‘iconic,’ somehow defining the neon fabulousness of the entire Vegas strip. Just as great signs are supposed to, it simultaneously attracts visitors and condenses the essence of what it is advertising. Can you even imagine what having a sign this good would do to your business?

How to Improve Your Business’ Lighting

Keeping your outdoor lighting up-do-date is important for many reasons. First and foremost, there are safety hazards that come with poorly-lit spaces that you certainly don’t want associated with your building or business! Secondly, poor lighting can give a business an unwelcoming or even dangerous aura, which can even go so far as to scare off customers – or simply make them wonder if you’re open after sunset. Along with building signs in Bucks County, MRC Signs will install lighting that’s code-compliant, effective and works wonders when it comes to, well, casting your business in the best light. Read on for a few tips that can help you improve your business’s lighting, as well as what to look for when you’re having it installed.

How to get the Best Quality Graphic for your Sign

Making a good sign is a lot of work – trust us! Not only do placement, font selection and size, sign shape, height, lighting and other factors need to be considered when printing and hanging the perfect sign, but the graphic design process can be difficult if you go into it without knowing much about graphics selection. Luckily, MRC Signs are experts you can trust in this and every department, and we’ll make sure your graphics turn out clear, well-placed and perfect for your company.

We figured you might be interested in the process we undertake to create your sign graphic, so we’ve written up a basic guide to designing and printing the perfect image!

Factors to Consider when Designing and Installing Your Sign

Here at MRC Signs, we pride ourselves on really knowing our product. We’re constantly training and updating our employees on the newest technology, materials and installation techniques to ensure the attractiveness and longevity of your sign. However, there’s much more to the sign-making process than simply creating and erecting a large, clear advertisement for your business. Many factors go into the process, all of which need to be carefully considered in order to optimize the potential your sign has to attract and guide customers to your business. We’ve laid out a few of the most important considerations a business should take (and that we’re more than happy to help you with) when it comes to installing a sign.