The Sign Matters

We at MRC Signs are firm believers in the miracles of signs, but we also know not everyone realizes just what a well-designed sign can do for your brand and business. That’s why, this month, we present a few examples of the most iconic signs in the world for inspiration. Enjoy!

The “Welcome to Las Vegas” Sign


You haven’t really been to Vegas unless you’ve posed with this sign (preferably accompanied by Elvis), which has been welcoming visitors to the city since 1959. It’s become the embodiment of the word ‘iconic,’ somehow defining the neon fabulousness of the entire Vegas strip. Just as great signs are supposed to, it simultaneously attracts visitors and condenses the essence of what it is advertising. Can you even imagine what having a sign this good would do to your business?

The “Hollywood” Sign


Well, after the Las Vegas sign you probably already guessed the equally iconic and famous “Hollywood” sign couldn’t be far behind. Has any other sign in the history of sign-making inspired so many people to dream? And yet it is, at the end of the day, just a sign. Nothing more. Just a perfectly designed sign that was meant to advertise and inform, to create a brand. We know we’re repeating ourselves, but can you imagine what a sign like this could do to your business?

The “London Underground” Sign


Coming straight out of jolly old England is the London Underground sign. First seen in 1908, we’re pretty sure no one could have guessed the kind of popularity a relatively simple sign, designed mainly to inform efficiently, would gain in the coming years. People take pictures of this sign when they see it, they buy miniature versions of it from tourist shops, and it’s been turned into countless mock versions as well. All that for just a sign? Imagine that…

The “Kangaroo” Sign


This sign is a perfect example of a picture that’s worth a thousand words. As soon as you see it, all you can think of is Australia with kangaroos, deserts, beer, topless beaches, lethal snakes, weird accents…wait, where were we? And let’s remember this iconic sign, sold in keychains, shirts, posters and probably even boomerangs, was originally just a traffic sign. Sometimes you really can’t beat a good sign design.

The “Moulin Rouge” Sign


Welcome to the Moulin Rouge (beware of the green fairy)! Another sign that is so iconic, looking at it you can be transported to another time. It represents one of the greatest places and times to be alive, if you love a good party: through this sign you can see the cancan, hear the cabaret music and almost taste the absinth. More importantly though, the Moulin Rouge sign started as nothing more than an advertisement for a business. Isn’t that pretty amazing?

There are so many more signs around the world we could have included on this list, so feel free to let us know if you have a favorite one you want to share. But we also hope this short list inspired you to get excited about the prospect of having your own cool, and maybe one day iconic, sign.