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Is a Quality Sign Actually Important?

You can bet your brand it is.

Sure, your sign is the just the façade. It doesn’t have anything to do with the way you operate your business, or what’s going on in the engine room. So, what’s the point of investing in a good one when you could be spending more on things like the day to day operations of the business? Maybe you pride yourself on providing the absolute best customer service in your industry. Your sign certainly didn’t play a direct role in that. You’re right.

The Basics of LED Signage

There’s a lot of interest out there for LED signage, which is why we get a lot of questions and inquiries about them. That’s why we thought it might be useful to discuss the basics of LED signage, and what makes them such a popular choice, in our blog post this month. So, without further ado, let’s get to it:


What Are LED Signs?

LED signs consist of very small and square panels. These panels can light up in one or more colors, thus being able to create almost any wanted image in the “bigger picture”.


Are They Expensive?

On average, purchasing an LED sign is a little bit cheaper than buying a traditional neon sign. However, that’s not factoring in the long-term maintenance and usage costs. LED signs are practically maintenance-free, as there’s no need for anything like changing the glass tubes or buying more gas like you’d have to do with neon lights. LED signs also use very little electricity, which adds to their cost-effectiveness in the long-term.


What about the Environment?

LED signs are considered environmentally friendly because they use up to 10 times less electricity than traditional neon signs. In this day and age, that is both an economical and an environmental concern. And since LED signs are literally just tiny “screens” there is no hazard of them getting worn out by time and needing to be replaced and creating trash, or doing something like leaking gas the way that neon signs can do when they’re approaching the end of their lifespan.


And Aesthetics?

One of the best things about LED signs is that they can portray almost anything. Any image or wording, or a combination of them, and you can probably do them on an LED screen. It’s very effortless, too, as with most LED screens you can change the image on the sign from your home computer.


That’s just the very basics, but we hope that it was helpful if you’re considering getting an LED screen for your business. As one of the leading sign companies in Bucks County, we would love to answer any additional questions you have.

Wrapping Up the Year with the Latest Industry Innovations from Around the World

We’ve entered 2016, which means that this is a time when a lot of people like to reflect back on the past year. We’re incredibly excited about the many developments we’ve done individually as a company, continuing to grow and becoming one of the best sign companies in Bucks county. As we’re determined to stay on that road, we’d like to share some of the most interesting news items and sign innovations from 2015, as an inspiration for the coming year.

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